Silk Scarves – How To Tie A Silk Scarf Beautifully

Silk scarves … fashions and seasons may change, but silk scarves with their beautiful style and variety offer many new looks to an otherwise dull outfit, simply by knowing how to tie a silk scarf beautifully. Style never goes out of fashion and scarves have been worn by many style icons of our time, including Coco Chanel and Jackie Onasis to name a few.

Which type of scarf you choose to wear may be determined by the season and weather as well as current print styles in fashion. A few seasons ago Pucci was very in but not very affordable to most, so a scarf in a similar design can bedazzle with that off the cat walk Pucci look. With a few tips on tying your silk scarf beautifully the sky is the limit to what you can do.

The first thing to remember as with anything you wear, wear it with confidence. That is what sets you apart from anyone else. It is the same with wearing scarves and in time your flair will increase with a bit of practice and experience. Depending on the flexibility of the material here are some simple ways to wear your scarf. It is better to start off with the basics then progress to more complicated knots as you go along. The Ascot Knot, European Loop and Fake knot are good kick off point for scarf tying.

You start off by folding your scarf material in half , then in half again to form a simple oblong. The Ascot knot begins this way, then taking the oblong and simply placing it behind your neck and tying the front parts loosely in front of you, one forms the Ascot Knot. It can be loose or tighter around your neck hanging on the mood of your outfit.

The European Loop uses the same oblong but by forming a loop you can slide the other free ends into the loop around your neck, again pulling it as high or low as you would like to match your current outfit. With the Fake Knot, allow both ends of your now folded oblong scarf to dangle down in front of you. Take one side of the scarf and tie a loose knot, take the other side and slide through the loose knot. This works with all materials but particularly well with silk or satin types of material. Then slide the knot up higher. In winter this knot looks particular sleek and appealing and folded up high it does cover your chest area for warmth.

Scarves can be used as head adornments too, like a simple bandanna , or even as a loose shawl as well as using a belt on trousers. For a great summer look with white trousers and a shimmering colorful scarf try the belt belt. Take your basic oblong pull through the loops on your trousers till both ends meet equally. Then move off center and tie in a fake knot using the instructions above. Tying a scarf beautifully can completely update and change not only your look but the whole mood of your outfit.