Best Radar Detector for the Money

Radar detectors usually range between $35 and $450 or even more depending on the quality. It is important to look for some things when you buy your radar detector. All manufacturers tend to say that their products are the best. To choose the best radar detector for the money, you will have to look for one with both front facing and back facing antennas. This will enable you to cover a wide area. Also, look for radar detectors that have large and easily tweaked buttons. This will ensure that you will be able to identify the right buttons, tweak them easily while driving and have total control on the device. Some more expensive detectors have employed some stealth technology.

Also, it is highly advised not to touch your phone when driving but there are some radar detection systems that use smartphone applications to handle this. The same systems have a crowdsourcing system that allows drivers to talk to each other on some speed checkpoints and other important things.

Some of the best radar detectors for money include Cobra, Escort, Valentine One and BEL. They all aim at reducing the effect the Ka-band performance of the speed guns use. The Escort has a wide variety of radar detectors. The Escort Redline is all about long range warning and is able to spot signal in a flat area over 5 miles away. At some areas, it can spot at over 15 miles. It also links with the Escort Live, a crowd-sourcing ticket prevention system. It links a smartphone, an iPhone or an Android system, to the detector with the help of Bluetooth. Other Escort products include the Escort Passport 9500ix and Escort Passport Max.

The BEL Pro 500 is very similar to the Escort Passport 9500ix as it is just a clone version of it. Beltronics is a sister company to Escort. It has proved to block false alarms of speed traps to a minimal level. Apart from this, it offers the best protection against red light and speed cams and has a superb radar detection range.

The Cobra iRadar detection system uses an iPhone app and also has a crowdsourcing feature that helps in the communication of various drivers.

The best radar detector for the money ranges between $200 and $450. It will have all the best and latest features and technology, and also great components. The higher the price, the better it will function as it will have a chance to pick out the new LIDAR system used by the speed guns.