Living Room Furniture – Reflection Of Your Personality

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This article discusses the various options one has in living room furniture and how they should choose furniture to match their personality.

I have always believed that your living room reflects your personality and hence needs to be given utmost priority while designing it. With the right kind of furniture, you can provide an ideal living space. Your personal taste and preferences should reveal itself in your home decor and add surreal beauty to the whole ambience. Quaint yet stylish, contemporary with a touch of antiquity and bold yet subtle is my kind of ideal living room setting.

Since your living room is the area where you normally entertain guests and socialize, you would normally want your guest to feel at home. Your furniture can make or break the look of your living-room. A couch of reasonable size, neither too big nor too small, depending on the size of the room would be my first preference. I would also keep in mind the number of people I expect would come home at any point in time and accordingly select the couch. The quality of the cushions is also vital as too soft ones would make sitting a little awkward and would be difficult for anyone sitting on it to get up and come forward with ease.

A contemporary looking coffee table is a must for my living room. It should not be a huge one. A simple abstract looking one with a leather finish would look apt, especially if the couch has similar upholstery. I would prefer a surface made of wood rather than glass as I believe glass gets stained easily and could get difficult to maintain. A bean bag generally goes well with any kind of room furniture and usually a brown one would be my choice. Since I personally like the minimalistic look, too many pieces of furniture in the same room is a definite no.

Your living room furniture should be well complimented with accessories such as drapes, curtains and light fixtures. If you are going for the minimalistic look, the drapes and curtains should also be subtle. The colors that you choose for your drapes should match the other upholstery in the room. To provide cross ventilation, I would have some good lighting arrangements. LED lights would be my choice with a couple of focus lights.

To make your living room as comfortable as possible, be very careful while choosing your furniture. Remember it should complement your persona.