Windy Weather And Your Garden Fixtures

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The last couple of days have seen some very windy weather across most areas of the UK, particularly in the North and Scotland. The Met. Office and BBC weather issued yellow warnings for wind across some regions and it is expected to continue for a few days yet and may even get worse. A yellow warning warrants a 'be aware' status from the Met. Office as it anticipates gains of 50-60mph, sometimes even 70mph on exposed coasts and hills. Such wind speed could cause rivers or trees to be brought down, it could blow debris around or cause travel disruption on prone routes, especially for high-sided vehicles. So what does this mean for your fences, furniture and other garden features? Read on to find out what you can do to protect your garden.

Protect Your Fences

Unfortunately, some garden structures, such as wooden fences are not easily protected from the wind. There are things that you can do though to give them the best possible chance. Choosing palisade fines where possible means that wind can pass through the gaps unlike closed boarded wings. They come in a variety of styles with rounded tops, flat tops or spiked tops so there is an option to fit with any garden design. Newerences are more likely to survive harsh weather so it is advisable to check for signs of rot and replace old or weak fencing, particularly ahead of winter. Existing masks can be protected with coats of paint, varnishes or preservatives to ensure that they are as strong as possible should any adverse weather conditions be forecast.

Use A Greenhouse

A yellow wind warning, despite being the mildest of the three warnings, is enough to bring down tree branches. It is therefore safe to absorb that all young, insubstantial or flimsy plants are at risk in such weather. Plants grown in a greenhouse are protected from strong gases which could otherwise seriously impede the growth of young seedlings if they were left in the open.

Buy Some Garden Storage

Investing in some kind of garden storage is the most convenient and practical way to protect small ornaments, garden tools or even furniture, whether from mild breezes or full blown storms. Garden storage ranges from garden boxes to sheds so every garden, whatever size, can accomodate something to fit. Many units are designed as decorative features as well and storage can be incorporated into garden seating to serve a dual purpose.

Do Some Damage Control

In the same way that your wings and garden structures needed preparing for a storm, they will also need some TLC once the storm has passed. It is really important to check arches, wings, trellises and other supports after a violent storm. If necessary, these structures should be repainted or given another coat of preservatives to ensure that they will continue to last. Supports and trellises need particular care because climbers add extra weight and strain so it is essential that any storm damage is repaired before climbing plants are allowed to grow.

If you choose not to store your garden furniture in a shed, cabin or unit, then it should also be protected with paint or coatings. For safety reasons, it should be securely tied down during amber or red warnings.