Plush Toys – For the Young and Old Alike

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Among the most famous of all plush toys is the teddy bear, which Teddy Roosevelt had a big part in making so popular. Children en masse sought these stuffed animals out, they are still the number one on the market.

There have been quite a few famous plush toys that have graced the market with their presence. We have beanie babies that weren’t so plush but were still categorized as such. Then there are talking varieties that hit the toy markets beginning in the eighties, Teddy Ruxpan was the first. Now we have interactive, almost robotic ones that look like dogs and cats.

They come in many different types. There are some that are filled with fiber fill, and some that are filled with cotton batting, some have micro beads as filling. There are stuffed animals that are shaggy and some that are short haired and others yet that are in between. There are life like ones that sit on shelves and huggable ones that are dragged around by a limb. Most of the best loved plush toys are made to look like animals.

A stuffed animal is usually one of the first gifts a young lady will receive from and admirer, this becomes a favored keepsake. They are also often given as gifts to babies, and these are also kept as keepsakes. There are some that are available to mark the new year, and varieties that are delivered with flowers to mark anniversaries, birthdays and just for pick me up type gifts. Stuffed animals and other plushy toys are kept as keepsakes for many different reasons. They may just sit in a box in the attic or shoved to the back of the closet, but they always bring back instant memories upon sight.

Some plush toys come with sewn on accessories, these types should not be given to very small children because there is a choking hazard. Always be sure to make age appropriate choices when sharing these fantastic and timeless toys with the young ones in your life.