Letting Pets in the Bedroom – Does it Work?

Most people either currently have or at some point did have a pet. In fact, many of us have more than one. For a lot of us, our pets are like family members. Where should the line be drawn, though? Well, one place is in the bedroom.

If you have any pet other than a dog, it should almost definitely not be allowed in the bedroom. Hamsters running in wheels and birds chirping or screaming are just too loud and cats tend to stay up all night and prowl around. They’ll keep you up half the night, in many cases.

Many dogs, on the other hand, are capable of sleeping through the night. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they should sleep in your bed, though. Whether your dog is large or small, there are down sides to sleeping in the same bed with them.

First of all, small dogs could fall out of bed and get injured easily. Large dogs are less likely to have that issue. However, they can spread out and take over in a hurry, getting between you and your spouse. Even if you don’t have a spouse, you could still find yourself crowded out of your own bed.

Of course, each pet is an individual. So, you might decide that it’s totally acceptable to have them in your bedroom. They really should have their own beds, though. They’ll sleep better that way and so will you. That will make for a much better relationship between you ad your pet and, if you have a spouse, you’ll have a much better relationship with them, too.