Where to Find Card Making Ideas

When people find out I make cards they often comment that they couldn’t do that. They automatically assume every card I create is something I came up with but the truth of the matter is anyone can make cards and you don’t have to come up with the ideas yourself. The world is full of ideas and inspiration and lots of them for little or no cost. So where do I find ideas and inspiration?

I can remember when I first learned about rubber stamping and card making. I got some supplies and went to a gathering with a few friends who also enjoyed paper crafting. I sat down at the table with everyone, pulled out my supplies and then had no idea what to do next. I didn’t know what to make. I sat there thinking and thinking, getting more frustrated by the minute. Then I was let in on a little secret. Most card makers don’t just sit down and create cards from scratch. They begin with an inspiration piece. Quite often a card someone else made.


Since you are probably online reading this article let’s start here. The online world is full of ideas for card makers. There are entire sites dedicated to galleries of card samples. Many card makers now write blogs as a place to share their creations. The companies that make and sell card making supplies often have galleries dedicated to cards made with their products. Many of the card making and paper crafting magazines also have online content. Some is what you would find in their regular paper publication while more often there are ideas and examples they couldn’t fit in the printed version. This leads me to the next place to find ideas.


There are dozens of magazines currently in print dedicated solely to card making, paper crafting or paper arts. Check your local book store, craft & hobby store, or big box departments store and you’re sure to find plenty.


Many local paper crafting, card making, stamping or scrapbooking stores have projects on display that change with the season or when new products are released. You can even take your camera or camera phone into the store and snap a photo of any projects you like to refer to later when you sit down to create.

Think Outside the Box

While this idea may not appeal to beginners many experienced card makers look to nontraditional places for ideas and inspiration. Our world today is more saturated with advertisements and color than ever before. Look through any magazine at the ads, the layouts, the fonts and color combination’s. See what colors and color combination’s are popping up in local stores. What trends are hot in home fashions and interior decorating? Ideas and inspiration are everywhere. You could even be inspired by the front of a box of cereal. Just keep your eyes open and pay attention.

What’s most important to remember is that you don’t have to pull ideas from thin air. There are plenty of places to look for inspiration. Start with something and once you get going the ideas will flow. You’ll find yourself making small changes to the idea you began with and soon the creation will be your own. Now find an inspiration piece and get started.