Sunday Fun-Days

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When the weather is nice there are few more enjoyable ways to spend a Sunday than outside. A few Sunday Fun-days include:

Playing tennis in the park:

Tennis is a great sport to play. Even if you aren’t a pro, tennis is a fun way to spend some time outdoors, with a friend, in the sunshine, getting some exercise. The best part is there are lots of public courts around London, where anyone can go and play for next to nothing. Typically you’ll have to book a court in advance and perhaps pay £6-9 for an hour of playtime, but it’s all worth it for what you get in return.

Rosé in the garden:

Nothing screams summer afternoon like a nice bottle of cold rosé and some time in the garden with friends and family. Start the afternoon with a light lunch of salads or omelette and some wine and then continue on with more wine, chocolate and popcorn. When your weeks are filled with work and social obligations it can be really nice to spend an Sunday afternoon sitting at home with a book or friends and just enjoy the sunshine and relaxation.

Afternoon at the beach:

If you live anywhere near a beach while the sun is shining then I highly recommend that you go. You can tan in the sun, swim in the sea, go for a run along the sand or play games in the water. No matter what you do while you’re there, an afternoon at the beach really does feel like a holiday. Don’t forget to bring water, towels, sunscreen and an umbrella, because you can’t count on finding any of those things there.

Backyard barbeques:

Everyone loves a barbeque when the weather is nice. Even vegetarians who don’t eat traditional barbeque foods of hot dogs and hamburgers can enjoy grilled veg, corn on the cob and the fabulous ambiance that’s included in the day. Potato salad, Pimms, homemade burgers, backyard barbeques is casual dining at its best and most relaxed.

Footy in the park:

If you want to be outdoors spending time with your friends, then why not organise a pick-up game of footy? It’s all for fun so don’t worry if you’re no Christiano Rinaldo, you can still get out there and have a good time with your mates.

No matter how to choose your summer Sunday, make sure that you spend ample time in the shade. Safety first.