7 Reasons You Might Want to Consider Using Hydroponic Gardening to Become a Hydroponic Gardener

Are you a gardener? Have you read about hydroponic gardening but are not quite sure if it has any advantages for you? Do you get discouraged when you cannot control the weather? Are you forever fighting pests? Have you learned how to control the amount of sunshine or light your plants receive? Then perhaps you should reconsider hydroponic gardening, as it has many advantages over conventional gardening. Here is what you will discover when growing your plants with the hydroponic methods.

1. Less time and effort: Yes, much less time and effort is required than with conventional gardening. If you have ever spent hours preparing the soil, planting the seeds, weeding the plants, watering when nature does not provide enough water, then you know just how much time and effort conventional gardening can be. Once set up and running, hydroponics requires very little time to maintain.

2. Weed free: That is correct! Since you are not using soil, you have no opportunities for weeds to appear. This in itself has caused many a gardener to switch to hydroponics. And, of course, your plants will get the maxim nutrients from the solution because they are not fighting the weeds for it.

3. No more plant diseases: Without soil, your plants have no opportunity to pick up bacteria and parasites commonly found with conventional gardening. Again, you will have healthier plants.

4. Larger plants and higher yields: Because hydroponics relies on feeding the roots directly with a nutrient solution, the plants will develop much more quickly, grow larger, and produce bigger yields. This is because the plants spend their energy growing rather than searching for nutrients. Plants grown this way show much less stress than those grown in the conventional manner.

5. Limited space needed: Hydroponic gardening can be done in a very limited space. So if you have no access to a yard, or if you live in an environment not conducive to conventional gardening, hydroponics is your solution.

6. Clean: This is very clean gardening because no soil or dirt is used. Because you have such a controlled environment, no pesticides are needed.

7. Great for the elderly and handicapped: Seldom mentioned, but a very important advantage, is that hydroponic gardening is easy for the elderly or the handicapped. The garden can be built at any height so it can be accessed by someone in a wheel chair or someone who just cannot get on the ground any more. Avid gardeners who age and give up their gardening are missing out by not turning to hydroponic gardening.