Fun Toddler Party Favors For Their Special Day

Toddler Party Favors are FUN. When you are planning “goodie bags” for a toddler party the favors are going to be a little different. Smaller toys and trinkets are not good for smaller children. You really have to be wise when filling these bags or boxes. It can be rather easy. You can get creative and have fun with it. I am going to give you some examples of some great part favors!! Remember too, that you don’t always have to fill a traditional treat bag. Substitute sand buckets or baskets and you’re sure to have some happy toddlers!

Ten Great Toddler Party Favors

  1. Coloring Books and Crayons

    All toddlers love to color. You can even try and find coloring books that match the theme of the party. Tape a box of crayons on the book and they are ready to go. This is easy and will work out well for children of all ages. This is especially good if you are going to have younger and older children in attendance.

  2. Balls

    Sometimes you can get a really good deal on buying balls by the lot. I am referring to the bigger beach balls. Again, you may be pleasantly surprised and find balls to match the theme of your party. These are great for the Summer birthdays. Both boys and girls love to play with balls.

  3. Bubbles

    Now my toddler LOOOOOVES bubbles, he always has. A good choice for a party favor was of course bubbles. These are a great inexpensive party favor. You can pick them up cheap at a dollar store in packs of 4 or 5.Another option is that you can get some personalized bubbles to match your party theme. You can even get them with your child’s name on them. Check out E-bay for some great deals on personalized bubbles. These toddler party favors are really great!!

  4. Sand Buckets and shovels!!

    These are great because the bucket actually becomes the treat bag. You can fill the bucket with candies and treats. The best part is that when they are done they can play with the bucket. They’ll love it!!

  5. Books

    I think this would make an awesome party favor. You are giving the gift of reading. You may have to really shop around to get a good deal but you will be pleasantly surprised how cheap you can get away with this toddler party favor. Check out local Dollar stores or even online. This is one favor that Moms and Dads will appreciate as well.

  6. Big Lollipops

    This was a really cool one. For my son’s 3rd birthday the party theme was Mickey Mouse. I found these huge carnival whirly lollipops for 88 cents a piece. I had personalized tags printed off with Mickey Mouse’s picture on them and it said Thank You for Coming To my Party. These were such a hit!! The kids were so excited to get there hands on those lollipops. I do not recommend these toddler party favors for younger toddlers. It turned out to be very inexpensive too which was great for me!!

  7. Personalized Candy Bars

    These are another cute one too. You can have the wrappers custom made with your theme and child’s name on them. You can check on E-bay because they run some really good deals on these. You buy the wrappers and then you can buy candy bars and you’re all set. It really is that easy. It can get a little pricey so be careful and make sure you shop around for the best price. I think every child at every age loves chocolate!

  8. Bath Tub Toys

    You can bet that any bath tub toys toddlers will enjoy. My son loves the tub and all children get excited to have something new to play with in the tubby. You can buy packs of assorted bath toys and save on money!!! These toddler party favors are good for both girls and boys.

  9. Alphabet Blocks

    You can find packages of alphabet blocks cheap at your local dollar store. I am all for the educational toys. These fall right into that category perfectly!! Toddlers will have fun with this party favor.

  10. Sippy Cups or Straws

    They can drink out of their own cup and get to take it home with them to keep. I saw some really cute Mickey Mouse cups when I had my son’s party. You can get them custom made to have each name on the cup. You can also try and find great cups to match your party theme. Easy Clean Up too!

Great “FILLERS” for the Goodie Bags or boxes

  • Stickers. You can buy packs of stickers and place a sheet in each treat bag. You can also save on money by cutting the sheets in half and getting more for your buck!!
  • Crackers. These are a plus especially for the smaller toddlers who cannot eat some of the candy.
  • Cookies. Another great idea for the smaller toddlers. You can get great deals on multi-packs of cookies. Toddlers especially like the animal crackers!
  • Fruit snacks. These toddler party favors are the ones kids really enjoy. You have to fruit snacks in your treat bags. They are a HIT!
  • Candy. Remember to be age appropriate when you are shopping for candy. No jawbreakers, or fireballs or anything that may be a potential choking hazard. Be very careful when buying the candy for the bags. Especially if there are going to be smaller babies there.

* Special Hint * Another option is that you can make separate bags for the little ones. Stuff their treat bags with their own age appropriate toys and snacks.

So there you have it, my list of TEN great toddler party favors. Plus a list of some great fillers for any goodie bag. I love planning toddler birthday parties and I hope you enjoy it as well. It can be hectic to plan a party but remember why you love to do it. Just to see how happy your child will be on their special day is a gift in itself.