How To Speed ​​Up Your PC

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There are a number of ways in which your PC can slow down to crawl, which can be infuriating. Over time as you install legitimate pieces of software, your PC has to run an ever increasing number of background process. These are designed to make your life easier by allowing, say a photo program to open when you connect your digital camera. They do however use up your computers resources each uses a little bit of memory, too many of these running in the background and your PC may not have enough free capacity to do even the simplest of things.

By simply turning off a lot of those non essential programs when you start up your PC things will run a lot quicker. If the process is not a system process it is likely to be one of the really useful background processes that slows everything down. The other advantage for laptop users, when running on battery, is this can extend the battery run time as the harddrive is doing less work thus taking less power from the battery.

The Windows Registry is the place on your PC where Windows stores information it may need to retrieve later, for example when you open an application or change a system setting the new settings are stored in the registry. The registry contains profiles for each user, details for each application installed on the computer and the types of documents they create, what hardware exists on the system, and the ports being used. A lot of detailed information is stored in registry if some of this information gets corrupt or contains errors then this can slow your PC down.

There are many causes of registry errors, incorrect installation and uninstallation of applications, file downloads, frequent changes in system and network configurations, and almost all other tasks you perform daily on your computer. Many people install so many programs and software on their computers that they are bound to cause conflicts. There are tools available that not only enable you to find registry errors, but also help you repair them. Making your PC run like new again.

Spyware, adware, & Malware are probably the number 1 reason for your computer slowing down. These are software gremlins that can really slow your computer down – not to mention leaving it open to all sorts of other security attacks. Running an antispyware program and removing a lot of these software nasties will speed your PC up and keep your personal data a lot safer.

If you PC is running slow there is a lot that can be done before having to reach for your wallet and buying a new one.