Winter Crafts For Toddlers

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For toddlers who always want to play outside, it can get boring after being cooped up inside the house in cold winter days. As a parent or someone who takes care of active tots, you should know how you can entertain them during the whole winter period so that they will not feel restless and bored. One thing you can do is to think of some winter crafts for toddlers that you can do with your children. Here are some ideas and tips that might be useful.

  • Winter is always associated with Christmas, so your projects can be related to Christmas as well. One of the easiest crafts for toddlers is to make a miniature Christmas tree from dried twigs and branches. Collect some dried twigs and branches with interesting shapes and insert them in a pot with soil, Styrofoam, or sponge. Let your toddler decorate the tree by hanging red, green, white, and silver ribbons, small Christmas balls, star cut-outs, and other decorations related to Christmas.
  • You can also make a Christmas stocking with your child using an old sock that is big enough to hold small treats. Make it even more fun by telling your child that Santa Claus will bring some treats every night until Christmas if he tries to decorate it as beautifully as he could. Of course, do not break that promise or your toddler will be disappointed.
  • Keep Glue, Pipecleaners, Googly eyes and other fun objects handy for creative projects when the kids need an outlet.

There are so many winter crafts for toddlers if you research on them at the library or online. Choose the one which you think your child will enjoy the most.