Knitting Basic Instructions – A New Exciting Hobby

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Knitting can be a really exciting hobby for those who practice it and can be more exciting to do than working with sewing machines. Not only does knitting provide a good use of one’s time, one can also explore the creative side by delving into various designs. There a number of things that are required for knitting. The common ones like knitting needles and yarn are already discussed in great detail by knitting experts. In this article, I would like to give basic knitting instructions on other lesser known facts of knitting such as scissors, stitch markers, yarn needles, and knitting needle organizer.

• Scissors – All you need to do with your yarn at this point is that you need to snip it. For this purpose, embroidery scissors seem to do best.

• Stitch markers – Even though one needs them for knitting, they are not needed for beginners’ knitting. These can be small rings made of yarn that are slid over the knitting needles so that one can keep count of the stitches. These do not have to be placed after every stitch and are in fact placed after every 5 or 10 stitches so that you can keep count of any stitches and make corrections if you lose count. They also come pre-made as plastic or metal rings.

• Yarn needles – They are yet an important part of beginner knitting lessons.

• Knitting needle organizer – Needles are a very important part, in fact, probably the most important tools that are used for knitting. It is important to keep them organized. I personally never used to organize my needles until an expert told me to do so and told me how to do so as well. I used to keep them in a jar and it used to look good, but was not very helpful when I wanted to pick out a particular needle. Hence I got a knitting needle organizer. It is a kind of file with pockets in it and these pockets then hold the needle for you.

The organizer is made of cloth, so this makes it easy for you to carry the pouch with you anywhere you go. Moreover, these organizers come in great designs and you can order them online too.

Knitting can be a lot more fun that sewing since sitting in front of a sewing machine is not all that natural. Moreover, the process of sewing is not that satisfying since we are not actually “doing” the sewing as we are doing with knitting where we ourselves are the sewing machine!