The Pen is Mightier Than the Keyboard

Technology evolves so quickly nowdays that sometimes it you find it hard pushed to get used to a new model of phone / computer / mp3 before a brand new one comes along. In most cases of technology the old is overridden by the new. Pretty soon the old is only sold by a few retailers, then, unless it is great enough to be marked iconic or future vintage it is thrown on the scrap heap never to grace the shelves of a shop again. One little invention, however, has battled against the odds and has stayed afloat since the myriad of technical tools that have tried to replace it.

The pen. The mighty pen is still as popular as ever no matter how many computers, laptops, notebooks and palm pilot computers are invented. Nothing will ever be easier than picking up a pen and scrawling down some notes on a piece of paper. Digital version of the pen and paper need to be removed from their wallets charged up, turned on etc. etc. and what's more you can not even fold it up and put it in your pocket when you're done. And you certainly can not discreetly pass it to your best friend in class while your teacher drones endlessly on about relationships that you know you will never ever use. Anywhere, I digress.

In the same way that technology has not come along and given us a good pen alternative, pens themselves have not had that much of a revamp for a while either. The simple biro – technically called a ballpoint pen has been around for years and years. The ballpoint was officially patented in the 19th century. Around 50 years later, Mr Biro updated it to make the ball move as it rolled along the paper. Yes there are roller ball pens and gel pens and fancy fountain pens, however it is the humble biro that we all call on when we need a pen, propelling it to the top of our office supplies list. Ever since Mr Biro stamped his name on the pen world, we've not looked back.

The majority of office workers have a computer. However without a pen and paper would they actually get any work done? The humble pen and paper is the place where ideas are born, where first drafts live and where the 'To Do' list is formed. The keyboard is great, the computer a necessity but what always did and always will come first, is the pen.