Gloves for MMA

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Most people don’t realize the amount of gear that you will need when doing Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Unlike sports like wrestling, you will need more than just workout clothes and some shoes.

The first items that you are going to need are a couple of different pairs of gloves. Each of the different pairs of gloves have a purpose. Since MMA has striking in it, you will need to get some boxing gloves. There are a few types of boxing gloves, but if you want to do things correctly, then you will need to get sparring gloves and bag gloves. The bag gloves should be only used to hit the bag. The sparring gloves are when you are just boxing and not doing everything else. The last pair of gloves that you are going to need to get are MMA gloves.

MMA gloves are small gloves that provide your hands with simple protection while still allowing you to be able to grab and hold onto your opponent. When the first MMA fights were fought they didn’t have any gloves. However, that changed in a match where the winner ended up breaking both hands because he didn’t have any gloves on. It should be noted that you still might break your hands even with gloves on.

You should also make sure to get hand wraps for your hands. There are standard wraps and newer wraps. The newer wraps are made so that you don’t need to know how to wrap your hands yourself. They are easy to put on and pull off. The standard wraps are ones that you wrap around your own hand. If you have never down this before ask your training to show you how. If you don’t do it correctly then there is no point in wearing them.

When starting out you won’t need to get hand wraps, however, once you start training more it is recommended that you get some. The reason for this is that it helps prevent you from hurting yourself. One of the biggest things that hand wraps help with is preventing you from hurting your wrists when you are punching someone or hitting the bag.