Enhance Your Pet's Coat With Live-A-Little Healthsome Holistic Dog Treats

The natural ingredients that go into each Live-a-Little Healthsome Skin and Coat dog treat also help make these biscuits enticing for pets. Savory wild salmon offers a natural source of omega oils and easy digestibility. Each treat contains pumpkin, apples, sweet potatoes, sunflower oil, and real salmon for a taste that will make our pet beg for more.

Health Overview of Live-a-Little Healthsome Skin and Coat Dog Treats

Lives-a-Little Healthsome Skin and Coat dog treats are designed to promote a shinier, healthier coat and strong, flawless skin. Dream Coat, the company's top selling natural food supplement, is used in the Live-a-Little recipe. This ingredient uses botanical oils and fatty acids to keep your pet's coat glossy. A healthy coat will keep your pet protected and looking his or her best. The natural ingredients offer these benefits without harsh chemicals or wheat gluten.

Manufacturer Snapshot: Halo, Purely for Pets

Halo, Purely for Pets has created a line of healthy, holistic products that many pet owners have come to trust. This was all built upon three main principals: nature, balance and love. Each dog treat is created with natural ingredients and optimized for your pet's health. Halo does not just sell pet supplies; they create products out of a love of animals. Premium ingredients are carefully selected, which has helped Halo grow into the reputable company it is today. From dog and cat food to supplements, treats and grooming supplies, pet owners turn to Halo to help make their pets happier and healthier.