Lyle and Scott: The History Of The Brand

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Lyle and Scott is a clothing company that was originally founded in 1874. It was founded in the Scottish town of Hawick by William Lyle and Walter Scott. Their designs were originally influenced by the largest knitwear company in Scotland and the same designs and techniques are stilled being used to this day. They started as a small knitwear company, just manufacturing hosiery and underwear and in 1926 expanded to include knitted outerwear. Lyle and Scott is also a company that adapts to new styles and changing fashion trends.

The company has been around for a long time and has come a long way. They have created a major fashion movement with the infamous gold eagle badge. This style was mostly used in the golfing world and has now been integrated outside of that market. It so popular today, that it is hard to go out and not see a man or woman wearing clothes with the golden eagle. It has been accepted by the fashion savvy and the club culture. This means that the promotion of the brand will be great and as such has been taken to new heights. It is now a popular brand that everyone wants to wear and contains many trendy styles for men and women.

Lyle and Scott offer great clothes at a reasonable price. This is a key component to any clothing line. While being stylish and fashionable, it has to be easy on the pocket. Men and women still want to be stylish; even if it is on a budget.