How to Give Compliments in Well-Spoken English?

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Everyone enjoys an earnest compliment. You too can impress your English-speaking colleagues and friends by giving those compliments that leave them amazed! However, giving compliments in English isn’t quite a cakewalk and hence you will require knowing how to do so, well. In addition, every situation will demand a different set of compliments that you could make use of. Prove to the world how friendly you are by jotting down crucial pointers from our article that should help you establish a strong base in giving appropriate English compliments.

Let’s look at some situations that would need you to use your complimenting skills:

Situation 1: Phrases for complimenting someone’s clothes

a) You look nice.

b) What a great sense of fashion you’ve got!

c) You look stunning!

d) That color looks great on you…

e) What an amazing choice of clothing this is!

Situation 2: Phrases for complimenting someone’s cooking

a) Delicious! I completely loved the meal.

b) What a fantastic cook you are!

c) You’ve got to hand me this lip-smacking recipe of yours.

d) The cheesecake is out of this world indeed.

e) My due respect and compliments to the chef.

Situation 3: Phrases to compliment someone’s home

a) What a pretty apartment, it’s so warm and cozy in here.

b) Can’t refrain from saying that you have a beautiful home.

c) What an artistic house this is, brilliant.

d) I love the décor. Did you do it yourself?

e) That is a unique setting, I must compliment you on your place.

Situation 4: Phrases to compliment kids

a) What a well-mannered toddler you’ve got.

b) She/ he is so cute and adorable.

c) That’s an intellectual kid talking.

d) Your kids are so much fun to play with.

e) What cute features your kid is blessed with!

Making a sincere comment and passing a heartfelt compliment can make anyone’s day! As a human being, a positive or negative remark can completely make or break your day… Hence, as and when situations arise, the above-mentioned are some phrases and compliments that you could confidently make use of to win over the heart of whomsoever you wish. Also, remember that while complimenting someone make sure to maintain your spoken English fluency.


Making use of your English communication skills to better someone’s day isn’t a bad idea as such, is it now? All you’ve got to do is get a hold on your spoken English skills and bring in some positivity of thought. Don’t be hesitant about complimenting someone as doing so could get a smile on their face. Owning a compliment and saying it genuinely with a smile is something that you will adapt to with sufficient practice. In addition, for all you know, soon you will become a favorite on the social circuit too.

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