Dragon Boat Racing Clubs in Singapore

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Dragon boat racing is a festival celebrated annually in Bedok Reservoir. This competition is participated by different dragon boat racing clubs in the country. Dragon boat racing has become one of the attractions in the country. Undeniably this water sport game is becoming popular and a major competition in countries away from Asia.

This sport has its roots in ancient China. It icons a mystifying heritage. A dragon boat is a painted boat with a decorative dragon's head and tail attached to it. Each team is composed of 22 able-bodied members who will row their way to success. It is composed of 20 paddlers, 1 coxswain at the helm of the boat and 1 drummer who sit in front of the boat. The drum beat sets the pace for the team and all rowers should do their action with synchronism.

Dragon boating is a popular team sports which is recreational and competitive. And with this sport come various organizations and clubs formed in order to compete and take part in this water-based competition. Aside from the private individuals who have come together to form their own dragon boat racing clubs, there are government agencies and corporate organizations who create their own group to take part in major race events in Singapore.

Aside from the locals who have formed their group, there are currently seven Dragon Boat teams within the expatriate community in Singapore. These clubs are the AustCham, German Dragons, Canadian, Okinawa, Kowloon and the Irish Dragon Boat team. These teams are sponsored by pubs or clubs in Singapore. Aside from sharing the same sport, the members enjoy their practice session and ending it by spending some time to bond and socialize with one another.

Each club has representatives who often get together and coordinate social events, fun races and other activities in order to encourage members to meet and be acquainted with the members of the other teams. Most of them organize private parties and social gatherings throughout the year. In contrast to the common announcement that this sports is more on competition and hard rowing, many of the teams members are sociable and enjoy this lifestyle.

Joining a dragon boat team will not only get you hooked to this sport but a serious way to stay fit and healthy. You are free to join a competitive group and begin your training three times a week or become a social paddler and just train on Saturdays. Joining this team entails more physical activities, so get ready for some action and exposing your body under the scorching heat of the sun. It is expected the newbie will experience muscle pains all over the body. But in the end you will realize that its all the hard work is worth it.

Many are yet unaware that dragon boat racing is a sea sport practiced all over the world. It has spread beyond Asia and popularized in places like Europe, North America, Australia, Canada, Germany and even Africa. So if you happen to go to Singapore and witnessed the Dragon boat racing festival, you will certainly agree that being one of the spectators of the contest is breathing and really exciting.

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