Tips for Air Travelers To Give Out to Others

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For all of us who spend a great deal of time on planes, we need some tips to pass along to our fellow travelers who make it more difficult for the rest of us to be productive on a plane. Here are 5 areas of focus that have to do with common courtesy. Although some of these behaviors are unfortunately, uncommon.

  1. Visuals – movies, magazines, etc. If you are watching or looking at something that has the possibility of being troublesome to others given its violence, sexual content, or language (written in 60-point type), then save it for when you arrive at your destination or situate yourself so that no one else can see what you’re seeing or read what you are reading (unless they are going to great lengths to do so – then that is their problem).
  2. Courtesy to other passengers. Be polite in deed, diction, and delivery. We’re all living in this relatively small space for an hour or several hours. Let’s not get testy with each other. Breathe in. Breathe out. Be kind.
  3. Treat the flight attendants with respect. Their job is to help you and everyone else get to the final destination in a safe and reasonably comfortable manner. I don’t envy them their job. Usually, the nicer you are, the nicer they are. If it doesn’t work out that day for you, just know you are making up the karma for someone else who made the flight attendant’s day perfectly miserable. And there are plenty of those folks.
  4. Preparing to exit (egress). It is not a surprise when the plane lands. Please have everything put away in plenty of time so that when it’s OK to get up and begin to leave the plane, you can get into the aisle and begin moving down the aisle with the flow. If you are in no rush, then stay seated because you can be sure that there are people with close connections and they really need to go as quickly as possible.
  5. Do not bring old meat onto a plane. I just had to write this because I recently read about a flight that had to go back to the gate after passengers realized there were maggots falling out of the overhead bin because some guy had brought meat that was spoiled onto the plane in his carry-on luggage. AYKM? Are You Kidding Me?

So, given that particular occurrence, I guess I can put up with loud talkers, sardine pizza, and people acting as if they have all the time in the world to get themselves settled. Well, not really, but, it does help me put it into perspective and be thankful for what is or isn’t happening.