Home Theater Innovations

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Home electronics have come a very long way over the last twenty years or so. Just two decades ago, anyone that wanted to install a home theater system in his or her house had to invest a considerable amount of money in the venture. And even at that, the equipment that was available was fairly rudimentary when compared to what is available today. Digital technology has given rise to a whole new generation of audio/visual equipment that is not only far superior to anything that has come before, but is also much more affordable.

A home theater system is much more than a fancy way to watch some television. It is a feature of the home around which one can enjoy a movie night with the family, or watch the big game with friends, or simply curl up with a loved one for a quiet evening at home. They are also an ideal way to bring the experience of a top-notch movie theater into your own living room.

One of the most important features of any residential theater system is the television on which the movie will play. Unlike big screen televisions of the past, which were quite heavy and bulky, modern flat-screen televisions are much more streamlined. They are also able to provide a much higher definition picture, with some producing an almost life-like visual experience. These flat-screens are available in many different sizes, including some as wide as 70 inches or more. Such televisions are seldom more than an inch or two thick, however, allowing them to be easily mounted directly to the wall.

The other important component of a home theater is the audio system. The audio experience of a movie is absolutely vital, especially when viewing most of the films from the modern movie industry. Filmmakers today go to great lengths to create three-dimensional ‘soundscapes’, and these auditory experiences simply cannot be fully appreciated unless they are heard through a system that is designed to bring them out. Modern theater audio systems are almost always capable of creating a full surround-sound experience, often incorporating six to eight speakers in order to do so. Sub-woofers are also commonly utilized in order to generate the same low-end boost one can get from a commercial movie theater.

Most of the equipment needed to create a quality theater in your home is readily available through local furniture or electronics retailers. However, there are also many online dealers that can provide you with nearly everything in home audio and visual equipment.