Create a Tuscan Retreat in Your Home

The Tuscan look evokes pastoral simplicity and an inviting atmosphere that recreates a country retreat inspired by nature. Pick pure, simple colors that remind you of Tuscany at sunset, the inspiration for this popular country style. Cool blues and greens provide contrast against earthy terra cotta, brick and yellow tones.

The more rustic your flooring, the better. Terra-cotta and clay tiles are a phenomenal addition to any Tuscan room, as are distressed wooden plank and stone flooring. Mosaic patterns or pictures made of glass, marble or ceramic inlay can spruce up your tile floor if you want a more elegantly dazzling touch. If you want the luxury of carpet but the Tuscan style, purchase a Persian rug to get the best of both worlds.

For lighting, keep an eye out for wrought-iron fixtures with candelabra shapes or metallic leaves that bring to mind Italian vineyards and the bounty of Nature. These fixtures are ideal for creating your Tuscan getaway.

Think of simple country pleasures, including comfort, family and food when it comes to outfitting your room with furniture. Avoid furniture with formal profiles or that are too fussy-looking. Keep lines simple and clean, and look for pieces bearing the artful distressed finishes common in today’s furniture market. It makes even new furniture look older and more charming. Armoires and cupboards, with doors open to stylishly display beautiful linens or tableware, are a key design component and can be placed along walls and keep the room’s tone open and inviting.

Like the French Provencal style, Tuscan-inspired rooms rely on plastered walls and exposed wooden beams to highlight architectural lines and convey the idyllic beauty of a country home. Soft-hued murals on select textured walls can transport an admirer to vineyards, an enchanting hillside or make the wall look weathered for a quainter look. Use your copper pots for decorative purposes throughout the kitchen, and highlight counter space and bare areas with jars of distinct Italian ingredients like pasta, olives or garlic. Flowers work well throughout any room and bring to mind the Italian countryside.