Free Methods For Learning Arabic

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Many people want to learn the Arabic language, but some of the existing tutorial programs can be rather expensive. Fortunately, there are many ways you can learn Arabic for free. With just a little bit of research and some time spent studying, you should be able to pick up basic Arabic words and phrases using the many free tools available today.

Internet Sources

A simple search for free Arabic lessons online will bring up multiple sites that offer language exercises and lessons plans. Many of these sites are very informative and can help you to learn key words and phrases. These are terrific lessons if you'll only be visiting an Arabic country for a short time. Many of these sites will teach you the necessary words and phrases for shopping, dining, and getting transportation and directions. Depending on how advanced the lessons are, you may be able to increase your Arabic vocabulary quite extensively with free tools alone.

Visit the Library

You can also find several self-study books available at your local library. All you need is a simple library card in order to get access to these books in most cases, you'll just need to prove that you're a resident of the library's district in order to qualify. You may also be able to find some audio or video programs to check out as well. Many language students find that these programs are much easier to learn from.

Some libraries occasionally offer free classes as well, so be sure to keep an eye on the library's bulletin board. These classes may include online instruction or utilize regular classroom attendance. Typically, the program offers depend on the size of the library and the number of resources that are available.

Find a Fluent Arabic Speaker to Learn From

Learning from a native Arabic speaker is a great way to learn the different sounds and inflections needed to properly pronounce the different letters of the Arabic alphabet. It's also a good way to pick up on some of the slang words or phrases that are common to the language. By learning to speak from a fluent Arabic speaker, you can work at your own pace and repeat any concepts you¡¯re having trouble with as need be. Depending on the resources available in your community, you may be able to find an Arabic speaker who's willing to trade Arabic lessons for English lessons for free.

Training Aids

If you're feeling crafty, you can make your own Arabic flash cards or other training aids. While not everyone does well learning with this method, many people find that it's the easiest way for them to practice different Arabic words and phrases. Since the Arabic language has many different pronunciations, it's very beneficial to hear these words spoken out loud, so you also want to record your voice and listen to the playback to correct your speaking skills.

There are many different free tools to help you learn Arabic available today, so you should be able to find one or two that complement your educational needs better than others. Take the time to try several of these different methods before you decide to call it quits. Arabic is not learned overnight it takes time and dedication to become fluent in the language.