A Quick Guide to Safeguard Your Plasma TV

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Plasma television is one of the recent innovations in the television industry. As technology gets more luxurious and hi-fi, it is essential for the users to maintain the gadgets with great care and concern. Plasma televisions are one such type which needs lot of efforts to handle. Let us see some simple ways to maintain the Plasma televisions.

Choose the right place to store:

It is highly recommended to store your plasma television in the original package. The box should be free from dust. It should be stored in cool dry place. Isolate the box from electronic gadgets.

Choose the right cleaner:

If you’re trying to clean your Plasma television screen, never use ordinary cleaning solution. Show the same care as what you show towards your personal computer. Like other electronic devices, Plasma televisions are also sensitive to static electricity. So never try to clean with dry clothes. As this may lead to discharge of static electricity that may damage important parts inside the television. So, it is always recommended to use ISO-clean, anti-static cleanser.

Avoid excess heat and Humidity:

Like most of the television, Plasma screen are sensitive to heat and humidity. As mentioned before, the television should be kept in a cool dry place. Make sure that drastic reduction of the temperature may result in the formation of dew drops. There should not be any drastic fluctuation in the temperature. Both the condition will lead to the damage of the plasma screen.

Keep the environment tidy:

It is always safe to operate the television in a tidy environment. As dust may result in short circuiting and poor performance of the television.

Protect your screen with Surge protector:

Feared about the power fluctuation in your home? Try to invest in a Surge protector. As a matter of fact, your plasma television consumes lot of electricity. But, when the power system fails to deliver the sufficient load or excess load to your television, you may have to face serious consequence. So, it is always better to have a Surge protector to safe guard from such instances.

Change your display often:

It is always recommended to change your display image once in a while. Prolonged display of same image results in burns in the screen. It will reduce the brightness quality of the screen. Like the desktop screen savers, you have to change the image every now and then. This will maximize the durability of the screen. It is always safe to turn off the display when not in use. In many High-end plasma screens, there is an option called “white flash”. Using such option will shorten the life of your screen.

Handle with Care:

Like most of the electronic gadgets, Plasma televisions are highly fragile. Bumping or jerks will damage your picture quality. Extreme care should be taken while mounting the TV in the stand. While making a wall mount, make sure about the durability of the wall as well.

Never leave a prolonged stand-by:

Will you leave your refrigerator doors open when it’s not in use? Like the same way, when you’re not using the television, it is safe to turn off the screen. Never leave it on stand-by mode. Unnecessary use can reduce the screen life.

Hire a technician:

This is one of the most important point that you should follow for a better performance of your plasma television. Never try to open the panel on any cost. If you encounter any trouble in the plasma television, it is always recommended to hire an expert. You can contact your retailer or customer support executives to attend your technical default. If you follow these simple tips, your plasma television will be your biggest entertainer of all times.

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