Radio Controlled Boats For Beginners

One thing I know for sure, when you are a 'beginner' at any hobby or sport, it's obvious. There is no shame to being new, but I think a lot of people have hesitated to try something new, just because they do not want to be the 'new guy'. I say, 'get over it'. Everybody was new once.

Let's look at the radio controlled boats hobby. I can vividly recall my husband's first year of running rc boats. I witnessed his progress from the sidelines, but made some observations that may help you.

The important thing is to realize that you are 'new', and to pick one of the radio controlled boats that suits your ability and skill level. Trying to start at the top will only lead to frustration, embarrassment, and perplex failure. My husband did a little research, and decided to start with an electric radio controlled boat. Wise choice! He read that these radio controlled boats were easier to handle, and require a lot less maintenance.

The next thing he did, and probably the hardest thing, was introduce himself to a group of guys at the lake that appeared to know what they were doing. Breaking that 'ice', and letting them know that he was a new rc boat guy, really was a good move. The group immediately took him under their wing, and were generous with their time and advice.

In no time at all, my husband had the confidence to run his boat side by side with his new found friends. So, my advice is two-fold. First, if you are going to give your hand a try running radio controlled boats, choose the right equipment … do a little research and start small.

Second, do not be shy. Hobbyists are generally happy to welcome someone new to their world. You can learn so much more from their experience than you can reading through literature. Not only that, but you will earn their respect by being humble, and seeking out their help. What a great way to build new friendships.

As I mentioned earlier, everyone has to start somewhere … we are all the 'new guy' once!