Go For The Subscriber Not The Sale

Which is worth more the sale or the subscriber? The subscriber by far. If you have a subscriber you can sell him products and services over and over. If you are just going for the sale with no followup you have to keep selling new people over and over. One of the biggest mistakes I see marketers making is that their strategy is to send advertising traffic to their website and to make a sale. They have no followup strategy.

I guarantee you that if you are getting 500 people per day subscribing to your newsletters you will be selling something. Even if your "relationship" with your list is not that great. Of course, it course it is better to have a good relationship with your list. Heck, invite them over for dinner if you can.

What I am trying to say is that all your marketing should be focused on getting more subscribers to your newsletters. This is what you should be focusing on. Because the sales will definitely follow. Think a little longer term than just trying to make a sale right now. Because you will need to be making sales one month from now, two months from now one year from now. What is your strategy for this?

Get yourself an auto responder account with Aweber and start collecting the emails of everyone who comes to your sites right now. Drop everything else, cancel all advertising campaigns and get your auto responder set up and capturing emails of your visitors.