Benefits of Solar Security Lights

Does Outdoor Lighting Reduce Crime?

Does crime go down in areas where there is more light? Although it is commonly believed that it does, that is actually debatable. A number of studies actually show that crime goes up with more lighting! (There go those studies again!) The reason seems to be that criminals, like anybody else, need light in order to engage in their activities. Additionally, lighting up your home allows potential criminals to case out your property.

However, even critics seem to agree that motion sensor lights – as opposed to regular lights – installed properly do have a security benefit.There is a difference between a steady light, and one that turns on suddenly. When would be criminals come upon a property and are greeted by a sudden burst of bright light shining right on them, they are apt to be frightened away from carrying out their criminal intentions.

Additional Benefits of Motion Sensing Lights

Motion sensor lights might also work to scare away animals which may be scavenging for food near your home. While a light may not frighten them, and might even attract them, a light that turns on suddenly can cause them to flee.

Returning home from a trip, long or short, can be exhausting. Needing to fumble for a light switch, or face complete darkness, is not an appealing choice. Motion sensing lights take care of that for you – when you approach, they automatically light the area. This is especially helpful when you are arriving laden down with bags of your purchases and have no hands available to turn on the light!

Lights that turn on only in response to motion also reduce light pollution. Instead of burning constantly, they are only on when you need them. This is another way of using electricity responsibly and efficiently.

Why Use Solar Motion Sensor Lights?

In addition to all of the above – which applies to all motion lights – solar motion lights have their own advantages. Besides the obvious reasons of saving on electric costs and environmental benefits, they also provide much more flexibility in their use. They can be placed anywhere on your property, without being limited by wires’ reach. Now you can easily light up the far corners of your outdoor space, and avoid messing up your landscape with ugly wires!

Solar motion sensing lights offer security, safety, convenience and environmental responsibility.