What Is an Enneagram Workshop?

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Enneagrams are nothing new; in fact, they’re kind of ancient! But, what exactly are they? Well, these are traditional oral frameworks that help understand ones personality. Today, they are used to assess the impact of Management Style on Team dynamics – Cool right?

It’s growing in popularity as an extremely powerful tool in today’s world of executive coaching. It does help in revealing one’s personal strengths as well as weakness. But, that’s not all – using enneagram workshops you could also understand more complex systems such as the interaction and psychology behind team behavior.

They are known to have been fruitful to individuals for generations; but, this very concept is now been employed on a wider scale for complete organizations. This is how they can help organizations:

  • Executive training and understanding oneself is a great tool that each employee of the organization could use, enneagrams offer employees the opportunity to know what they’re capable of doing and encourage them to do just that.
  • Managers understand the employees working under them and therefore they’re totally aware of the workforce they’re handling and the quality of work they should expect.
  • Businesses need to progress; however, without the support of your employees there’s no way you’re going to make your business successful. Hence, business owners are now turning over to Enneagram Workshops in order to understand the outcomes of various strategies and the possible effects of these strategies on their employees – after all, a happy workforce is a strong workforce.
  • They also help build unity amongst team members, as they help everyone understand their co-workers, hence respect is built up. Moreover, they tend to accept their differences and know that everyone isn’t made equally.
  • When it comes to executive coaching, you first need to understand your employees in order to point them in the right direction. If you use psychometric tests you may just be able to study your employee’s dysfunctional behaviors. However, when it comes to Enneagram, both the positives as well as negatives are studied. Therefore, Enneagram workshops help point out ones’ plus points, so you can then use this to improve their good skills – master your best skills instead of being a novice in plenty.

Also, Enneagram workshops, executive coaching can also include stress busting as these workshops would identify ones weak points and limits. Therefore, if at all you want to improve the all-round performance of your employees as well as yourself; and hence, give your entire business a boost, you should definitely give Enneagrams a try.

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