The Beauty of Virtualized Desktops in the Clinical Environment

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In a virtualized desktop, also known as client virtualization, the data, and often operating system, is stored on a remote central server, instead of local storage in end-user computer terminals. Thus devices, such as personal computers, notebooks, and smartphones, can be used to access the centralized data, applications, programs, and processes easily.

Virtualized desks in the clinical environment can overcome two of the largest barriers that physicians and clinicians face in accessing the electronic health record (EHR) system – reduction in the time spent in accessing the information and reduction in the cost of implementation of the EHR system. Although the EHR system holds the promise to offer a complete and efficient solution to the hurdles faced by health care providers in delivering timely and efficient treatment to patients, there is a need to make this system easier with the help of other technological advances.

Virtualized desks in the clinical environment promise to offer the following solutions that will ease the workflow and make the transition into EHR smoother for all health care treatments.

Reduced Login and Logout Procedures

In many situations, a single log in and log out procedure per day will reduce the time taken and make it easier for clinicians to access patient data throughout the day. Once they are logged in, they can access the data on their mobile devices and have to log out only at the end of the day.

Mobile Sessions

Once the session is logged in, nurses and other staff can make their rounds and still use the same session to access the charts and other reports. In this case the computer actually follows you wherever you go. This is a huge satisfier for physicians and nurses. They do not have to open applications over and over again. They also do not have to worry about what is installed on each desktop. The system always has the same applications because you are on the same virtual machine.

Durability of Sessions

The durability of sessions during a long procedure can increase because of the high speed of computing and efficiency of backup system available within the virtualized desktop facility. In the event of a power failure, the computer can be reconnected with another device and the procedure can be continued from the same place. Additionally, you can setup your virtualized desktop to be available from both the office and outside the office. Your single session can travel with you via the use of VPN software tools.

Performance Consistency

In a virtualized desktop application, the server is built to manage problematic applications. This reduces the time taken to process data and stabilizes the applications for more efficient work performance.

Enhanced and Flexible Security

With the implementation of virtual desks, the confidential patient information is stored in a central data center, as opposed to end-user computer terminals, which is inaccessible to all unauthorized individuals. Any breach in the security system can cost the company thousands of dollars as penalties. The features, such as cut and paste, or the use of USB ports are also restricted in these systems.

The enhanced security features offered by these systems are also flexible and extend to mobile devices that can be used to connect to the system. Monitoring features are also available in case of unauthorized access or any problems at the end-user level.

Financial Improvement

Virtual desktop applications eliminate the need for traditional desks, thus reducing the expenses involved in the maintenance of desktop support services, such as electricity costs.

Printing access

Virtual desks allow the staff to access and print data from any device under the mandated levels of security and control. You can lower overall costs of the printer hardware, and yet have better access to printers.