Camping Holidays – Advantages and Disadvantages

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The advantages of camping holidays begin with adventure. A family can go wherever they want and camp there for as long as they have. From a camping base a family can go for walks out into the wild and see nature in its true habitat. They can also make their way over to huge lakes to fish or swim, and if they find an adventure park they can spend the day zip lining around the trees as fast as they can go, which is fun for everyone.

This is also where the disadvantages begin however, because some people like the routine they have and won’t want it disturbed by living in a tent for a week or two. Sometimes there are no shower facilities and people will need to use a solar shower, which isn’t a problem for most, but some people could feel self-conscious about their body when using one. Toilets are another big disadvantage if a camp site doesn’t have the facilities provided, as people will need to go and dig themselves a hole to use, or use a communal one, which many consider to be worse.

For others the freedom of being in the outdoors outweighs all disadvantages relating to homely comforts such as showering and using the toilet. They also enjoy not being able to use their mobile phones, as these are an invasion which can ruin a holiday if someone is using theirs constantly. Whilst camping, people will also be away from the thick smog of the city, something many consider to be unhealthy. The great outdoors has nothing but fresh air, and most people consider this a huge advantage of camping holidays.

To break it down to a list of the core advantages and disadvantages, this is what most people think of camping.


1) Adventure

2) Seeing Wildlife

3) Clean Air

4) No Mobile Phones

5) No Internet

6) No Traffic

7) No Interruptions


1) No Toilet

2) No Shower

3) No Food Provided For You

4) Living In A Tent

5) Bugs

6) Little Or No Electricity

7) Nothing Much To Do If You’re Not Adventurous

In conclusion, the advantages and disadvantages of camping seem to be entirely based on opinion. What people need to realise is that camping can be great fun as long as everyone is involved in enjoying themselves, because once someone isn’t having fun, the trip is ruined. If worst comes to worst, building a huge camp fire and staying up late into the night is something everyone enjoys doing.

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