The Power of Games That Will Help You to Reduce the Stress

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Stress is the wear and tear of the on body, in response to stressful agents. Such agents are commonly referred to as stressors and they can be caused by physical, physiological, psychological or sociocultural factors.

  1. Physical factors. Routine physical work has the potential of exhausting the body of energy, wearing and teething it to an amount of stress creeping in. This can be made worse, when adequate well-balanced food and water are not available.
  2. Physiological factors. A part of the body may at times fail to function properly either due to sickness or illness, thereby affecting the whole body. This will make other parts or organ of the body to work extra load that would otherwise have been performed by the failed part or organ. This can lead to stress.
  3. Psychological factors. Certain behavior can easily lead to stress. For example, if an individual is taken to a different environment that he / she is not used to, he / she may feel either superior or inferior. This can negatively affect him / her to an extent of him / her developing stress.
  4. Sociocultural. Culture has been noted to be one of the major causes of stress. Negative cultural practices can affect negatively on an individual, affect him / her psychologically and end up in stressful condition.

In the present world where a lot is required of an individual, stress is a common medical condition. However, prescription drugs are meant to only manage such a condition. Having an alternative method to relieve stress is more vital than using prescription drugs.

There are several games that can keep one's mind occupied and relaxed, thereby avoid stress. Such games are effective in creating a calm environment in which a stressful person can find solace. Group games are specifically encouraged, as you can not feel lonely.

Individual Stress Relief Games

Individual stress relief games are suitable for college students and those employed. These can be very important for those naturally antisocial individuals who do not like groupings. If you spend most of your time on a computer, you can take a break and log on to game websites and immerse yourself in the online games such as pinball or card game. Sudoku has also become popular and is good in stress relieving.

The top 3 stress relief games that you can consider while alone are;

  • Sudoku
  • Solitaire
  • Puzzle solving

Others you should consider are computer games which you can also find the Desktop Destroyer game that is by far the most popular computer stress busting game. Desktop Destroyer is a free application that you can download and play on your computer. The game uses simple user interface where you can choose amongst nine different weapons that you can use to destroy your desktop completely. When you are under stress and looking for an easy way to become relieved, Desktop Destroyer is the proper choice. Not only that Desktop Destroyer is free but it is also easy to use and offers a complete relaxation that is easily achieved.

Group Stress Relief Games

These kinds of games involve groupings of friends or collections. Most involve physical activity which allow you to have distraction from what could cause you stress. The only challenge that most usually face is finding the right people to engage with. However, with a group in which you feel fit in, you will certainly keep stress at bay.

The 3 top stress relief games that a group can involve in include;

  • Chess
  • Monopoly
  • Sports

The others you can consider are Scrabble and Card games.

Stress relief games, whether for an individual or group, should be simple, fun filled activities that will make the individual or group members feel relaxed and joyful to enable each individual feel part of the group.