How a Woman Can Measure a Man’s Penis Size Without Him Even Knowing It!

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Women are smart and they’re smarter than men. But the real scary part about women is that they do things in very covert and secretive methods. Once men catch on, if they ever do, they’ll realize that they’ve been outwitted.

Women make the best spies, too. The most famous and prominent “sting” operations are what are called “Honey Traps.” This is where a man is set up by a woman. The woman pretends she’s in love with the man just long enough to escape with the secret papers. Does this still go on? Why, yes. It is considered the most prominent method of how China is “gathering” the Western world’s military, industrial, chemical, medical, nuclear, and technical secrets…

But back to women! Women have ways of measuring a man’s penis and he won’t even realize she’s done it. Of course, she doesn’t have x-ray vision, but when the two of you are in the sack together or may just be enjoying some foreplay or oral sex, this gives her the chance to size you up in seconds.

The first method is to calculate your length. With an erection, all she needs to do is push your penis up and against your chest. Typically, and your mileage may vary, if your head extends to the top of your belly button, it means you are at least seven inches in length. She can easily gauge the length based on this method. An inch below and you are six inches. An inch above and you are about eight inches.

If you were born without a belly button, she can always make a note of how long your penis is in relation to her hand, arm, or other body parts. Some of these distances she already knows the exact length of. If your penis falls out of this range, she will simply make a note of the distance and measure it later.

Next comes the penis-head girth or penis-shaft girth computation. All she needs for this easy calculation is to make a circle with her thumb and forefinger and place it over the head of your penis to see if it will fit. If she has to spread out her circle by distancing her two fingers, this is good news. If you fit inside with plenty of room, this is bad news. After “sizing” up your head, she’ll move on to your shaft.

Trust me. She already knows that the inside of a paper-towel tube has a diameter of 1.5 inches (which is a girth of 4.7 inches). And she knows how the paper-towel tube compares to the diameter of her own thumb and forefinger circle.

Now, how can we prevent women from secretly sizing us up…?

You’re probably wondering if you can have your belly button surgically moved higher up on your body. Honestly, I don’t think that will work.

The way to pass her “size” test is by enlarging your penis. The best method is by understanding and performing the seven critical aspects of penis enlargement through specialized exercise methods. Simple stretches, pulls, and release techniques that you can perform with your own two hands. The penis enlargement experts believe that natural exercises are the easiest and least expensive way to safely increase your size.


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