Zhu Zhu Pets and Their Many Accessories

If you do not know what the hottest toy of 2009 is yet, you better get out from underneath that rock you have been hiding under. Zhu Zhu pets are all over the web and are selling out of stock just about as soon as they get on the shelves of stores. In addition to the toys themselves, their accessories are just as hot.

Think back to the days of the first hamster that you had as a kid and remember all the great accessories that were able to be added to the small hamster set that everyone started out with. These adorable Pets have all that and more. They even have a car that the Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster can drive around in!

If there is a dog or cat in the house, the Go Go Adventure Ball is an absolute must. Put one of the toy Hamsters in this and sit back and giggle. The dog will obviously not know that the hamster is just a toy and will chase it around for hours. Cats are just as fun as they think they have found a gift and will do everything that they can to catch them. It is absolutely hilarious to see.

Of course, kids are the real winners with these realistic pets, as they can have their companion and do not have to worry about feeding it or cleaning up after it. They can get the Zhu Zhu Pets Hamsters – Giant Hamster City and add other accessories right to it whenever they choose. This is not only a great Christmas gift, but can be added to for birthdays and other holidays as well.

While these critters all by themselves are enjoyable, everything is enhanced once the accessories are added. There is so much more fun to be had when your favorite Zhu Zhu Pets can catch a wave on their surfboard or head out for a ride in the Zhu Zhu Pets Hamstermobile and Garage. Get online and find a great deal before you miss out on getting your child the hottest toy of 2009.