Owning a Dog

When you acquire a dog, you must also be prepared to take the commitment with it, which is feeding, exercising, sheltering and general care, which is grooming and veterinary visits in case of need.

Some people are content to make their pets "part of the family", allowing smaller dogs (in particular purebreds) to live indoors and larger dogs, where their size and living circumstances (like renting) or general hygiene do not permit this, housing them in a comfortable kennel (substitute), which Shelters the dog from wind, rain, and sun. A blanket or pillow to lie on, is a must and a kennel should face a door out of which his master appears with the food and water etc, as otherwise there may be problems with the dog using its kennel at all. Never chain your dog up all day, let it into the house for a while or walk it to a park and only use the chain temporarily as the need for it may arise. Make sure it is regularly (Daily) fed and water is always at its disposal.

Taking it for a walk – preferably daily is a special treat and good exercise and a therapeutic benefit for you.

Do not punish your dog for transgressions beyond its control or unintentional accidents! Teach it to do "the right thing" and reward obedience to it with fears it likes and thus establishing persistent obedience and the right and wrong of "good behavior."

All this maybe what every dog ​​owner knows, but many violate against or neglect to abide by.