This Is What You Can Do on Your Chromebook

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There have been a lot of changes ever since the launch of Chromebooks. It is not only about the form and the performance factor rather are other things too that you would be surprised to find out that you can do with Chromebooks.

Given here are some tricks that you can apply on your Chromebook:


If you are the one who likes trying their hand at editing pictures or are actually into it you would like the Chromebook very much. Using a Chromebook you can easily fulfill this desire by using Photoshop app that is compatible with the system. However, to utilize it you would need to be connected to the internet. This means that you are actually using the Adobe program online to perform photo editing. Even though, this feature is available in beta version but soon it will be available as a full-fledged version that can be easily used.


We all are used to working on Microsoft Office so; why not use it with your Chromebooks too. Knowing that desktop version of Microsoft Office is not available for Chromebook users as a full version. However, to overcome this you can utilize the web version that is available for free. Now you know that you can utilize the full version online without any obligation, you can use the Word, PowerPoint, Excel with complete features. Interestingly, even Linux users can gain access to the official version without having to bother using Wine. Go for Office Online and avail its benefits.

The only thing that you would crib about is not having any offline version available but then there is OneDrive. This is where all your documents are saved once you are done. These can be accessed using Office apps from other devices this includes Mac and Windows alike.

Apps by Android

It is possible now to run all Android apps while you are on Chrome OS. You can even use Skype on it including notifications and all the features. Another would be using ARChon that is a package app to help you in converting any Android app to be able to run on Chrome. This does seem interesting especially with numerous Android apps present that one would like to use without constrains posed by compatibility issues. Another thing would be that apps will run better without any restraint and a user will be easily able to benefit from this change.


Using your Chromebook you can work offline as per your convenience. This means that you can compose your Gmail messages as well as read your mails too. Other things include Google Calendar access and even editing your documents using Google Driver. All is possible now, for example use the Google Keep for composing, managing, and creating notes along with to-do lists. Wunderlist and Any.DO. is yet another example to it. Downloading PDF versions of eBooks and Kindle eBooks is possible too. Other things like playing movies, gaming, streaming TV programs and even downloading them is possible.

Desktop OS

While you are wondering about utilizing the OS for your desktop it is essential to understand that it might be a bit complicated. For starters it is not for novice users, the developer mode for instance switch and help you gain full access to the programs lying in your Chromebook. It is for the highly intelligent users who are capable of manipulating the system that they can utilize it and turn it into Linux system along with Chrome OS. This means that you pretty much have access to terminal commands as well as desktop apps at the same time.

Now that you know what all you can do on your Chromebook, it would be easier for you to work your way through. However, if you want to find out more interesting things or simple tips to increase your productivity with Chromebook then you can opt for expert advice on this.