Six Kitchen Cleaning Tips – Make Meal Cleanups a Snap

Kitchen clean up makes many of us cringe. Although who wants to come home from a long day at work and see a load of dirty dishes in the sink? Organizing your kitchen for efficiency is easier than you think. Try these time saving tips when you make your next meal.

1. Remove dishes that are already in the way . The first thing you can do before you ever start to cook is to clear out space. Remove those clean dishes from the dishwasher. Then put the dirty dishes from the sink, counter and tables in the dishwasher. Now while you cook, you'll have a place to put all your dirty utensils, pots and pans.

2. Remove anything that does not belong in the kitchen . Disorganization can raise when family members bring their personal items into the kitchen and leaving them there. Family rules can be established where no mail, toys or computers are allowed in the kitchen area.

3. Have ample counter space before you start cooking. You'll need enough room to put cooking utensils, bowls, pots and of course your ingredients. You need them handy, right beside your stove top.

4. Your most used kitchen utensils should be in easy reach. It works great when you can put only the frequently used utensils in a jar or deep canister. The ones you do not use as often can be moved out of your way by putting them in a drawer.

5. Have storage space for your ingredients right beside the stove. When you have your spices and cooking oils near the stove within easy reach, it will help you save time taking them out and putting them away.

6. Keep cleaning items nearby. Try to have a set of clean dish towels and a sponge at hand for quick wipe ups as you cook.

Kitchen cleanup can be a breeze and you do not have to become a "Suzy Homemaker" either. Just get you and your family in a nice routine and save your valuable time for more enjoyable things.