Herb Gardening – Great For Food Or Pleasure

There are few things better tasting than foods seasoned with herbs grown in your own backyard herb garden. A small 4 foot by 6 foot herb garden can provide plenty of room to grow enough herbs for a small family. Many common herbs can easily be grown indoors or outdoors for use in cooking.

Of course, cooking is not the only reason for growing herbs. Adding herbs to a flower garden or landscaping area is a great way to add aromatic elements to your gardening area. Many of the herb plant varieties are very aromatic and can enhance the atmosphere of your backyard landscaping.

Some herbs can also enhance vegetable flavors if you plant them next to each other. Tomatoes are highly susceptible to picking up the flavors of nearby herb plants. This can create a unique and delicious taste in your vegetables that is dependent on the herbs that you plant nearby. Some herb plants produce beautiful flowers and can be a wonderful addition to a flower garden.

One of the most important aspects of growing herbs in a home garden for use in cooking is the preservation process. Herbs can be used fresh while they are in season, but if you plan to use them over the winter months, you will need to dry or freeze your herbs to preserve them.

Herbs are great for beginners because they require very little soil and fertilization maintenance. Also, pests and diseases are not usually problematic areas for herbs. If you are growing herbs for the first time, try to limit your choices to a few of the basic herbs, such as chives, parsley, basil, thyme, coriander, sage, rosemary and dill.

Growing herbs indoors or outdoors is easy and beneficial for use in cooking, aromatics or simply decoration. Try your hand at maintaining an herb garden, and you will be well pleased with the results.