Wedding Cakes for Your Big Day

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One of the most important events for any couple would be their wedding. This is the start of a new journey for the both of them and their wedding day is when they exchange vows to love and cherish and stick with each other through the tests of time. That is why it is just fair to make this event memorable for the two of them. Every detail of the wedding should be perfected and one thing that should not be missed is their cake. Wedding cakes have been a part of every marriage as this symbolizes a charm for their good fortune for their happy married life and fertility to produce beautiful kids.

Getting married is definitely a big day for couples, most especially for the women. As most people say, women only gets married once and this big day should really be unforgettable and really one of a kind. Preparation for this day may take months as the couple should look for the perfect venue, fit their gowns and the groom’s clothing, decide who will be included in their entourage, create their souvenirs and invitations, distribute their invitation cards, and of course, find the perfect catering service and wedding cakes.

There are several kinds of wedding cakes that a couple can choose from. Couples can also find a design they want to match the personality of the both of them. Different sizes and tiers are also available depending on what they want. Couples can choose from white cakes, chocolate flavored cakes, marble cakes, lemon cakes, and carrot cakes. For most weddings, white cakes or vanilla flavored cakes are preferred.

When it comes to frosting, couples can choose from butter cream frosting, fondant, gum paste, and royal icing. The most common frosting used before was the butter cream frosting which is, of course, tastes buttery and sweet. If the couple wants a more smooth finish for their frosting, then they should opt for fondant wedding cakes. At present, this is the most in demand type of cakes or frosting as this gives it a perfect satiny finish compared to other frostings and the colors for this kind are lighter.

Apart from the flavor and frostings, the design of the cake can be personalized. Couples can decide if it will be a simple 1-layer cake or tiered cake. They can also opt for a different shape depending on their want. For most couple, how their wedding cake looks like is important as this is one of the highlights of the event.

There are several bakers who can do cakes for your wedding. Most of the time, these are already included with the package you get from a wedding coordinator. You can also find cakes for wedding over the internet which will definitely fit your budget.

A wedding reception without a wedding cake is somewhat boring as it has already been a tradition to have it. No matter how small or simple the cake is, your wedding will never be complete without it. So whether the occasion is just a simple one, find the perfect cake that will match your wedding.