Baby Boomers and Timeshare Travel – Warning – Why You Should Not Buy a Timeshare

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Baby boomers who love to travel do not need to fork out the thousands of dollars needed to buy a timeshare just to travel to timeshare properties worldwide.

Why address the concerns of baby boomers and timeshare travel? Many boomers are not even aware of what is involved in purchasing a timeshare. Timeshares are not only very expensive but they are also very restricting. Once you purchase a timeshare your obligation is not over. Most timeshare purchases require a maintenance fee that is to be paid either monthly or yearly. The price of the fee can change at any time due to unforseen circumstances like bad weather or damage to the properties commonly owned. Perhaps the common ownership wants new furniture in all of the units. That cost will get passed along to the timeshare owners as well.

Timeshare purchases up front are very expensive ranging on average from $15,000 plus maintenance fees to $80,000 plus other expenses. Normally a downpayment is required and then monthly payments can be arranged or you will be asked to put the balance on a credit card. When you are ready to travel you will have options of traveling to the same property year after year for a designated number of years or you will be on a point system. If you are on a point system you will be able to travel to a wide variety of properties and you may even be able to choose the time of the year you want to travel.

What happens to a baby boomer and timeshare travel when the baby boomer can’t travel for some reason? That property will sit empty unless the boomer can find someone to rent it to or give it to to use for that year. That is money wasted that did not need to be wasted.

There are alternatives. One of the best I have seen is a timeshare travel club membership. This type of membership will allow you to travel to just about anywhere in the world to 5, 4, and 3 star resorts for a one time membership fee and then deeply discounted prices thereafter. Every baby boomer should weigh the facts about timeshares and travel club memberships before they purchase either one.

For more information on two of the leading travel membership clubs on the internet today you may want to visit the two links below.