Designer Diaper Bags

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It looks like everyday another celebrity couple is pregnant. Lucky for us, we get to see what exciting and new products that they will carry on an off the red carpet. A favorite accessory of all new parents is their saving grace, the diaper bag. This carry all for baby's needs requires space, organization and most importantly, an appealing aesthetic. Fashion designers have finally made on to creating a well-designed, oversized bag that will fit diapers, bottles, and toys among many other much needed items.

Many stylish mothers and fathers are choosing to purchase their baby bags that look sleek, clean, and nothing like the former classic baby bags. Fashionistas like Heidi Klum, Natasha Henstridge, and Angelina Jolie have been seen carrying around beautifully crafted bags by companies such as Nest, Storksak, and Mia Bossi. What do they all have in common? They look like beautiful, oversized purses that can be worn well after your baby is grown. Here are some key designer characteristics in the most coveted of designer baby bags.

Maria Black Cherry Diaper Bag by Mia Bossi – This bag is made with designer fabrics (with a spectacular dark green polka dots) and accented with Italian rust leather. This bag comes with a matching, machine washable changing pad for a comfortable and sanitary place to change baby, anytime and anywhere. The bag is lined with organizing zip-in and zip-out compartments. For the working mom, you can order additional compartments to hold your laptop, files, and office supplies. The bag comes already with a cell phone, key, baby wipe, and diaper holder to keep you perfectly organized. The best part, it doubles as the perfect purse. This fashionable design and remarkable quality will ensure that this lasts until your child graduates from college.

Storksak Emily Diaper Bag – This purse offers a wonderfully yet yet sleek style that once again can be used for both baby and mommy's needs. On the outside the baby bag appears to be a beautiful slouchy purse that can be slung over the shoulder at multiple adjustable heights. On the inside it reveals a wonderful organization system for cell phones, bottles, diapers, and much more. All the inner lining can be easily wiped clean and also comes with a washable matching changing pad. This particular design comes in multiple colors, including the current fashionable metallic like bronze and silver.

Nest Whipstitch Leather Bag in Black – This bag is perfect for the edgy urbanite. The large bag is cloaked in a soft leather and is accented with metal studs. The bag comes with multiple external (easy access to cell phone or baby bottle) and internal compartments to keep mom organized and baby content. The bag is lined with a bright pool blue color that would make any mom excited to go inside. The most innovative component of this bag (and perhaps why it's one of Heidi Klum's favorite accessories) is that the shoulder straps quickly and easily converts into hooks that can be secured over the handle of your baby stroller.