How to Find a Fur Coat That Flatters

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For those of us from temperate climates on the West Coast or in the Deep South, having to worry about what coat to wear is rarely a concern. When the weather is a balmy eighty degrees worldwide, why bother paying much attention to winter clothes? However, when we travel to colder places and for those rare cold winters, finding a jacket that keeps us warm and insulated while giving us a stylish appearance can be difficult. In cities like New York, owning a good coat is an essential. All of us living in warm weather climates have something to learn from New Yorkers, in particular how to find a fur coat that flatters your body type. Here are five fur fashions to help get you through the cold months in style.

1. The Cape

A favorite of runway designers, a fur cape provides a forgiving silhouette for any body type. It is an especially attractive option on relaxed days spent running errands or usually meeting with friends when you do not want to be all buttoned up. Since it allows for greater air circulation in the inner liner of the cape, it is also a great choice of outerwear for those days when the weather is slightly warmer. When wearing a fur cape, go with a fitted garment on bottom, such as skinny jeans or a slim pencil skirt to avoid the mushroom effect on your silhouette.

2. The Car Coat

A car coat has long been the standard issue garment for winter wear. With a mid-thigh length, the car coat is perfect for shedding rainwater a way from your body and keeping you cozy in warm, wet, blustery weather. The women's car coat typically offers more room in the chest and hips. A recent fashion trend is to use bright, attention-grabbing coats with neutral garments like gray, navy, or black. This trend is classy, ​​slimming, and certainly never boring.

3. The Trench Coat – Reinterpreted

To snag a bit of that spy-chic look made famous by decades of Bond Girls and other TV covert operatives, the waist-length trench is the perfect item. If your backside is one of your best features, this coat is perfect for highlighting your assets. Additionally, since it is not as long as a traditional trench coat, this reinterpreted coat keeps the legs unencumbered and cool, making this the perfect jacket for the very active wearer.

4. Black Coats with Embellishments

While they say Pink, Orange, or any other color is the 'new' Black, there is definitely no substitute for the original. Black has long been a favorite color scheme for designers due to the fact that dark colors have a visually slimming effect on the wearer's silhouette. A black sable or rabbit fur coat is slim, sleek, and lithe and makes a palable statement in any environment. Designers have laately been using black coats with bold and daring embellishments like broaches and large buttons.

5. The Swing Jacket

The Swing jacket is the ideal coat in terms of both comfort and practicality. A cozy, waist-length coat that stops just below the waist, the swing coat has a variety of pockets making this the perfect jacket for the busy mom on the go.

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