6 Awesome Desk Toys for Your Workplace!

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Imagine yourself sitting at your desk at work, watching time slowly creep by. Are you feeling bored? Why not find something to put on your desk that you can watch for minutes at a time. That will help you in some way in the cause to fight boredom! So, I’ve looked for some of the most cool office toys to add to your arsenal of boredom-killers. These gadgets and toys below will promise to make your time at work pass faster.Hope you enjoy the article!

Can You Imagine Time Machine Tabletop Clock

Whoever said that there’s no interesting way to tell the time? Be intrigued by the gadget that uses metallic balls and ramps to show you what the time is. It would be great to put one at your work place. Its precise mechanism transfers a chrome ball every sixty seconds for the perfect time. By the time you tell the time, a few seconds would have wizzed by without you even knowing it!

Fascinations Levitron Omega

Deemed as the best science toy by the American Association of Physics Teachers, this toy puzzles even the brightest minds.Supported just by repelling permanent magnets, which means there’s no need for batteries.Passing your hand above or under the top won’t affect it’s position at all. It even works with its base turned upside down. The video below says it all.

Black AirZooka Air Blaster Gun W Red Laser Sight Attachment

Won’t you be amazed if you were shot by your friend who is standing 50 feet away with a gust of air? This gun is that powerful! And its ammunition is just air! It’s harmless.Let out an evil laugh as you ruffle your friend’s hair, blow his papers onto the ground or irritate him with gusts of air from seemingly nowhere. It even has a laser pointer for you to aim at your unsuspecting target.With this toy, you can make up for the fun that you missed out in your childhood right in your own office.

Sandscape Moving Sand Picture

This is a work of Art in motion. It will mesmerize you with the beautiful motion of the liquid-like sand particles which flow effortlessly,powered by the force of gravity alone. In the office cubicle, its hard to find some form of entertainment which you can enjoy without getting accused of slacking. This is one of them.The sands come in varying shades of orange, purple, green or red.

Decision Maker

Introduction to physics principles need not be done in a boring fashion like it is in school. This is another physics-related toy which is in essence just a pendulum.However, it is like no other because it’s movement is erratic and completely unpredictable. What this amusing gadget explains is Chaos Theory. Google it to find out what it means.Various parts of the rim are marked with words that can be used to decide on something you are pondering about. Hence the name, Decision Maker. Putting it on your desk would may even help you start a conversation with that girl you always wanted to talk to.

Large Pin Art

Create 3D sculptures by pressing it against the back of this toy. What happens is that the hundreds of pins that make up the screen gets pushed inwards, leaving a very accurate impression of the object. Press your hand or face against it to achieve a sculpture in 0.5 seconds. With this gadget,you don’t really need to be an artist to create art.