Words of Wisdom From "The Blue Collar Scholar"

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“The Blue Collar Scholar” is a great seven chapter book written by J Elwood Davis. The Chapters range from his every day “Thoughts on life and living to Miscellaneous Musing”. He does not leave a topic unturned in this book. Sit back and hold on to your hat as you journey with the “King of Rhyme” and see what he has to say.

In the first chapter he gives the audience many views of his feelings on life and living. He starts off by letting his readers know that the poet holds the key of poetry to touch the souls of man. In another poem he lets us see that there is “Angels Amongst Us” without wings to help others in need. We are God’s “Earth Angels”, he states. This first chapter itself speaks volume to the readers. It can certainly stand alone and it does bring a profound message to the readers.

Jim also offers “Advice” to the readers as they travel with him through this “Journey of Life”, and lets them know they must come upon “Resolution Beach”. This is a place for us all to stop and cast those cares or whatever is bothering you into the ocean.

There are great words of wisdom and strength that flows from the heart of J Elwood Davis. He continues to encourage his readers to “Just Hold On,” and not to forget those “Precious Memories”. Our writer sees these “Precious Memories” as the strength that is gained through struggles and the wisdom born of strife. I feel that this advice if taken to heart can truly impact a person’s life.

In “Just Between You and Me”, J Elwood Davis pours more wisdom into his readers. He encourages them to just enjoy the simple things in life, and to remember the “Power of Prayer”. He proceeds on to share with us poems of his Military and Patriotic experiences, a little bit on history, Christmas and other special days are focused upon, and let’s not leave out music and mirth. He covers it all within a hundred and fifty-five poems found within this book.

He appears to be a tough guy as he reads others reviews on the poetry site but just from reading this book I see another side of J Elwood Davis that he likes to keep hidden. This is a great book to enhance your family library with. I enjoyed the reading from cover to cover.

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