Getting Your Garden Ready For the Summer

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As the rain clouds drift away and the sun finally makes an appearance the attention of every home owner in Britain starts to turn to their gardens. Forgotten and neglected for most of the year our gardens suddenly become the center of our lives as we wake up from our long hibernation and want to spend every available hour outside.

It's always at this point that we begin to wish that we'd worked on our gardens earlier in the year. Somehow it just did not seem important before and the summer months appeared a long way off. Some long for a more attractive garden. Others only want to sit back and enjoy the sunshine and regret not taking the time to create a lower-maintenance garden. Some just wish they had a comfortable outdoor seating area to enjoy.

Most prevalent in people's minds this year is the World Cup as they dream of hosting the perfect football party complete with BBQ in their own private pub garden.

You've probably already identified which group you fall into. Perhaps you can refer to all three. Either way you're probably considering creating an outdoor seating area using wooden decking and the good news is that it's not loo late to get it ready for the summer.

People often get the wrong idea about decking and think that a raised deck will be costly and time consuming to erect. This is not true. While there are many different types of decking and some will take longer and cost more to construct than others, most are quite simple and easy to erect. In some cases a decked area can be built in a day (although it's probably better to take the time to get it right) and if you have all the necessary tools, materials and skills there's no reason why you can not do it yourself. Quick construction kits and online guides will make it even easier.

Of course, if you do not feel up to the challenge there are any number of companies that can build the perfect deck for you. This would be my recommendation. You see, while building a deck might seem straightforward (and in principle it usually is), every garden and every decking area is different and you're sure to run into problems somewhere along the way, whether it's with the footings, safety issues or getting a quality finish.

Time is ticking, if you want your garden to be ready for the summer you'd better act fast.