Why You Should Buy a Macbook Air

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Technology has totally taken our lives under control. We simply can not live without mobile phones, TVs, electrical appliances of all sorts, and more recently, without our notebook computers and internet connections. This is why each and every person will want a computer to carry with them wherever they travel. If you are going to spend some money, why not choose the best you can get? If you are looking for great design and performance, then you should direct your attention towards Macbook Air. Why?

Familiarity with Apple Products

First of all, it's a laptop made by Apple. If you already have an iPhone or a Mac, then you are probably familiar with their typical features, their ways of sorting things, their menus, and their great quality. Why would you want to switch to something else you know nothing about?

Exceptional Design

What really stands out to most consumers is the extremely nice design. Who can resist a 0.76 "thick laptop that weighs only three pounds? It is very sleek, slim, and attractive.

Reasonable Hardware Specifications

Looking at the technical specifications, the new Mackbook Air comes equipped with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, DDR memory (2 GB comes standard, but it can be upgraded to 4 GB), NVidia G Force graphics processor, and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capacities. It also comes with a built-in microphone and stereo speakers, and even though it does not have an optical CD and DVD drive, you can still listen to music or watch movies by accessing the DVD or CD drive that is attached to another computer. In addition to that, you have battery power of approximately five to seven hours, so that you will be able to use it almost all day long without recharging. This is an especially great feature if you are always on the run.


If you are looking for a great laptop that you can easily take with you wherever you travel, then the Macbook Air is definitely the top choice. It is versatile and easy to use, so there is a great chance it will become your best friend in a matter of hours. Besides that, if you are not satisfied with the 13 "version, you can always go for its smaller brother, the 11" version, for even greater portability.

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