Children’s Board Shorts

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Board shorts are probably the most popular form of swimming and beach wear available today, not just with men but for women too. They are so easy to wear and they are great in the sun and for on the beach. Board short companies first started with the board short that was only geared for guys, which is understandable as the majority of surfers (surfers were the reason they were invented in the first place and in fact surfers first designed them) were mostly male. As time went by surfing became more and more popular amongst females too and so Quicksilver, Billabong, Roxy and Diesel all jumped on this idea and brought out their own ranges of board shorts for girls. An idea that really took off and is still going strong today.

So we have board shorts for men, we have board shorts for women, what about the kids? What are they suppose to wear on the beach or in the pool or when they go surfing and play other water sports? Nearly every major board short brand offers a range for children, girls and boys. They are exactly the same in style and design as men and women’s board shorts, apart form the size of course, but everything from the material used and the funky designs are the same.

Sun Protective Board shorts for Children

Due to the sun problems today we are forced to cover up from the sun as much as we can for health reasons. When our kids go to the beach or are just playing out in the garden protecting them from the sun and harmful sun rays is a must. We cover them head to toe in sun cream, use thick sun block on their nose and cheeks, and put big funny sun hats on them that covers their ears and neck! Something that you can do for your kids which they will actually thank you for doing is getting them a pair of super cool boardies (they will love you forever) and for you piece of mind they are made out of sun protective materials. They block out 97% of harmful ultraviolet radiation.

So what are you waiting for, have peace of mind your child will be protected from the sun, they will gladly wear them as all the cool kids are wearing them and you can get some really great deals online. Have a look for children’s boardshorts and I’m sure you’ll find something both you and your child will like.

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