Wood Bedroom Furniture – Checking For Quality

If you want your bedroom regal and elegant, you can always count on solid wood furniture to give you that distinct aura. But while it may be easy to appreciate this type of home furnishing, it’s not something you can just bring home indiscriminately. There are, of course, things to look for in assessing whether or not a good-looking piece is actually worth your praises.

From the outside, you’ll first want to look at the furniture’s finish. This is a process that begins with sanding the wood which should make the piece smooth against your hand. When the sanding is done against the natural grain of the wood, it ends up rough with dark lines. This stage is, thus, very important because if it’s done improperly, it would be hard to apply the stain evenly. A good piece with a good stain will then enhance the natural charm of the wood. In the end, it should look even in color with all sides and ends in the same tone. The final step is applying the finish which can either be glossy or matte. In both, the wood should only feel silky smooth and look rich in color. Remember that high-quality furniture will always have its insides and undersides finished to avoid shrinking or swelling as it reacts to temperature and humidity.

Another thing to look into when judging the value of wood furniture is the wood itself. This wood can be either of three – hard, soft or engineered. Hardwoods are mahogany, oak, maple, birch, teak, walnut and exquisite cherry while softwoods would be fir, pine, redwood and cedar. While softwoods can also make quality furniture, they’re easier to scratch and bend compared to the hardwoods. Plywoods or engineered woods are also quite popular and can be very strong as they are made to withstand the tendency to split or warp. Thus, they are widely considered for high quality and very attractive furniture these days.

Of course, when it comes to furniture quality, construction will always play a vital role. How a furniture piece is put together will always affect how it looks, how it functions and especially how long it lasts. Foremost in matters of construction quality considerations are joinery and sturdiness. While these may sound complicated for those who have no working knowledge about carpentry, it will be enough to know how to test for these two. To know if a piece is sturdy enough, it shouldn’t make those squeaky sounds when you try to shake it. As for the joineries, take time to feel for bolts and screws and dowels with your hand. Corner blocks are also important in making furniture stronger and more stable. They don’t necessarily have to be visible from the outside, but they have to be in there somewhere to provide basic support to the piece.