Contemporary Dining Tables With Intrinsic Value

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Many people consider that contemporary dining tables are not just functional pieces of furniture. They can also be treasured pieces of art that can be used by generations of the same family. Television sofa dinners may fast be replacing traditional sit down table dinners, but families are making a conscious effort to limit this trend and a quality dining table is a must in every household.

Modern materials for tables include metal and glass, but contemporary dining tables are at their finest when made from hand crafted wood. A popular choice is to use some of the lighter wood varieties, such as pale oak. Lighter colored tables blend well with modern decor. Dark timbers are generally out of vogue these days, but no doubt will become more fashionable again with time.

When you choose your dining table bear in mind that it is an investment. High quality, solid timber tables increase in value over time, especially bespoke pieces. When you buy a piece of furniture that has been hand crafted the designer will have spent time matching the grains of the individual pieces of timber and choosing timber colors that will blend to complement the design.

Responsible sourcing of the raw materials that are used in the creation of the piece of art is essential. When choosing a designer to create your masterpiece, make sure that they are environmentally conscious. Research the timbers to be used to make sure as best you can that the forest where the timber comes from is maintained and protected by government laws.

Once a table has been completed the maker will the treat the wood itself. This helps lengthen the life of the wood, and minimises staining. There are a choice of finishes. Natural oils and waxes bring out the grain of the wood, as well as the color. Hard varnish is a popular best choice for young families as it gives the best protection.

A table is often the focal point of a home. A place where families gather to eat and interact. Special occasions are often centered in the dining room where family birthdays, Christmases and important announcements are shared. This is what makes a dining room table a wonderful heirloom. It is valuable on its own right, but the memories that it holds are priceless.