Useful Flower Gardening Information

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N. “Slim Whitman” Large-cupped narcissus

“Slim Whitman” is an ideal variety to allow to naturalize, even in shady locations. With a creamy perianth and a light orange-to-yellow corona, this flower is truly eye-catching.

N. “Segovia” Small-cupped narcissus

This delicate beauty will not only draw all eyes to itself but also attract bees and butterflies. A little jewel for every yard.

N. “Petit Four” Double narcissus

The lush apricot to pink crown contrasts prettily with the white perianth.

Narcissus Narcissus

Plant and wait. The instructions for this genus, rich in many varied species, really are that short and simple. Beauty and strength have eased their upward path and made them the most popular of spring flowers.

Once in the ground, their annual comeback delights us year after year, with a splendid and extravagant show. They don’t even make any great demands of us. The soil should be moderately fertile and well drained-neither dryness nor water logging will be tolerated. In a dry spring, therefore, it will be necessary to water. Narcissi are hungry for the spring sun, but will accept semi-shady places. This makes them the ideal planting for leafless shrubbery borders. But they also bring a brilliant spot of color to rockeries, flowerbeds, or lawns. They should never be planted singly; the more numerous they are, the more they will be admired. But they can also develop wonderfully in the company of Muscari or tulips. The bulbs should be planted in the soil in September, to allow them to root well before the winter.

N. “Rip van Winkle”

It looks a bit shaggy, but the small-flowered, low-growing “Rip van Winkle” is a tried and tested classic among the narcissi.

Narcissus “Tahiti” Double narcissus

The red and yellow, large-flowered “Tahiti” does indeed add a brief touch of the South Seas to spring gardens.

Narcissus “Hawera” Triandrus narcissus

Lemon yellow, elegant, and delicately scented. There are five to six little nodding flowers on each stem.

“Hawera” is ideal for rockeries.

Narcissus “Thalia” Triandrus narcissus

The tall-growing “Thalia” proudly bears one to three virginal white flowers on each stem. This Narcissus is a reliable and long-lived spring companion. It will also naturalize in suitable locations.

Narcissus “Jack Snipe” Cyclamineus daffodil

Behind the sulfur-yellow corona lies the perianth with its back-curving, creamy petals. “Jack Snipe” is almost unsurpassed when it comes to longevity and profusion of flowers. Shapely growth and elegance.

Narcissus “Jetfire” Cyclamineus narcissus

“Jet fire” is an extravagant and impressive member of the cyclamineus narcissus class. The orange to red corona stands out against the lemon-yellow, back-curving petals.

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