Spiritual "Tools"

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Today I thought about why I fall in and out of my spiritual awareness. It seems as though I go through cycles of being fully aware, present and intrigued by life and then experience a cycle of what feels like spiritual burn out. During the “burnt out” phase I often revert back to old ways of thinking and old habits that do not serve my true self. It’s true that after a moment of awareness or enlightenment one can never completely go back to the way they were before that moment but it’s still frustrating to feel like I’m anywhere near square one.

Deepak Chopra said that the awareness of oneself is what true spirituality really is. I have realized that I fall out of that awareness because I do not consistently practice that state of mind. Maintaining this awareness is very much a practice where one must use spiritual “tools” and consciously commit to using them regularly. What do I mean by spiritual tools? They could be anything from meditation, yoga, proper nutrition, self reflection, chanting, reading, listening to a favourite spiritual guru, talking with mentor, playing a musical instrument, positive affirmations, focus wheels, aroma therapy, Reiki, acupuncture, expressing yourself through art of any kind, etc. The list really does go on and on. The key is finding a spiritual tool that you enjoy and that can easily ground you and bring you back to a sense of self. Now, I won’t lie, I am preaching to the choir here but the more aware I/we become of our actions and how to correct them the easier and more beautiful life is.

Finding your favourite spiritual tool or tools is an easy process. Just listen to your body and mind and soul when practicing them. For example, when I sit and listen to one of my favourite spiritual guru’s, Eckhart Tolle, I immediately feel calmer and can sense the truth in his words and voice. I know that by listening to him I can become grounded very quickly and so I use this spiritual tool often. What make you feel grounded and aware? That’s all you have to ask yourself. Please share with me some of your spiritual tools and experiences and maybe we can learn a new method of maintaining awareness. Please visit my website at http://www.booksforspirituality.com for more information on spiritual tools and how to experience more joy in your life.

Love love love! 🙂